AKCAF ARTEX 2020 – Registration form


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General Rules to take part in competition.

  1. You should be a resident or a valid visit visa holder in UAE.
  2. You should be a member or related to a member (spouse, child or parent) of AKCAF Volunteer group
  3. It is mandatory to like the FB page
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Documents required

  1. Passport copy with Visa Page for the age and residence proof.
  2. If anyone in visit visa in UAE or with the residence visa in India the application will be subject to the approval from respective college representative.


General Rules for competition

  1. All the participants will be given the Zoom ID and Password along with their respective chest number prior to the date of competition.
  2. Judges will also be logged in to the Zoom on the given time of the competitions.
  3. The performances will be telecasted live on the AKCAF FB page.
  4. Participants of the AKCAF Artex 2020 competition must be members of AKCAF volunteer group member colleges only. Spouses, children and parents of the members are eligible for the competitions.
  5. Age of participants will be calculated as on 1st August 2020.
  6. An event will be conducted only if a minimum registration of 5 participants in each item, otherwise the event will be cancelled. In case any event is cancelled, the participants will be informed accordingly.
  7. Each individual can participate in a maximum of 5 competition only.
  8. Maximum of 3 entries will be allowed from each college for an item in same age category.
  9. All items are based on Single Performances except the Music Band and Kadhaprasangam.
  10. All registration closing date will be published through web site.
  11. Once the Application is received and verified by AKCAF Artex Committee, the respective College Alumni President / Coordinator will be informed about the details of the registrations received against their college.
  12. The time allotment of all events will be informed to all the colleges and their participants prior to the competition.
  13. Winners will be awarded First, Second and Third Positions. A Kalaprathibha (Male) and Kalathilakam (Female) will be selected who bagged most number of points from Male and Female respectively. Top 3 colleges will be awarded with Championship and Runners up respectively on the basic of scores of their member participants.
  14. Solo Singing without karaoke : Time limit is 5 Minutes for Light music, Nadaka Ganangal and Mappilappattu. Background music is not allowed. Can sing any song in malayalam only.
  15. Solo Singing with karaoke: Time limit is 6 Minutes. Can sing any film song in malayalam only.
  16. Instrumental : Time Limit is 3 minutes. Keyboard is included in wind instrument category, but a wind instrument voice without accompaniment, will be allowed.
  17. Kavithaparayanam: Time limit is 5 minutes. Only malayalam poems are allowed.
  18. Dance: Time limit is 8 Minutes. Recorded background song/music of any language can be used. Participants should ensure the quality of karaoke used.
  19. Fancy Dress: Time limit is 2 Minutes. Background announcement is not allowed. Participants have to talk & perform.
  20. Mime and Mono Act : Time limit is 5 Minutes.
  21. Drawing & painting.: Time limit is 1 Drawing subject or picture will be given at the time of competition. A4 size white paper only allowed for the competition.
  22. Dubsmash, Tiktok or  Roposo: Time limit is 1 minute. Recorded video should send to the watsapp number provided to the participants on competition day. Only one participant will be allowed to take part in the video.
  23. Music Bands : Time limit is 10 minutes. A minimum of 2 and maximum of 7 members are allowed. Covid protocol must be followed during the performance. For music, only one entry per college is allowed. A participant performing in any music team is not allowed to perform in another team of any other college..
  24. Kadhaprasangam: Time limit is 10 Minutes. Any age group is allowed. Maximum 5 can perform, even one alone can perform. One college can have only one team. Only live performance is allowed. Recorded sound / music / songs are not allowed.
  25. Elocution: Time limit is 5 Minutes. 2 Subjects will be given to participants 3 days prior to the competition and one will be selected by the judges 15 minutes prior to competition. Participants will not be allowed to login to watch other’s performance.
  26. Negative Marks will be given for participants exceeding the time limit.
  27. Make up, dress materials etc should be managed by the participants. There are no constraints on the costumes, ornaments and make-up for the competition. It should be neat and presentable abiding the UAE law.
  28. In case of any technical disruption during the performance, the participant can perform again with consent from the judges.
  29. AKCAF Artex 2020 is not responsible for the poor video quality and internet connections of the participants.
  30. The office bearers of member colleges and the participants are responsible for any misconduct by the participants and in such cases, the judges will have the right to disqualify the participant(s) from the competition.
  31. Results will be published in AKCAF FB Page and web site.
  32. The decision of the judges will be final.