AKCAF Volunteer Group Chartered Flight Registration

AKCAF Volunteer Group Chartered Flight Registration

AKCAF Volunteer Group Chartered Flight Registration

Register your details here for processing your application with Indian Consulate. All those requests approved by the authorities would be intimated for further proceedings.

This form is to be filled for a single individual at a time.

All conditions for travel, to be prescribed later, will need to be followed.

All rules and regulations of Government of UAE on departure and Government of India on arrival will need to be strictly followed, especially those related to Covid-19.

(IMPORTANT: It’s mandatory that your name has been registered Indian Embassy / Consulate for .)

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Have you registered with Embassy / Consulate?

Embassy/Consulate Registration is a Must

IMPORTANT: Please ensure to register your name with Indian Embassy / Consulate as it is mandatory.

For Consulate registration, kindly click on the link https://www.cgidubai.gov.in/covid_register/ and register.

Once Registration is over, you can register in our page.

First Name (As in Passport)
Last Name
Age (as of 25-07-2020)
Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY)
Passport NumberWithout any space. For ex. Z1234567
Passport Issue Date (DD-MM-YYYY)
Passport Expiry Date(DD-MM-YYYY)
UAE Mobile NumberIn the format 05******** without any spaces in between
Indian Contact NumberIn the Format 98******** (10 digits) without any spaces in between
Full Address in India
0 /
Other State
Pin Code
Reason for availing Free Ticket
How Many Weeks
Covid Test done
Referred byIf any reference of AKCAF college or person, please mention
Remarks (If any)
The Passenger has to compulsory undergo COVID test at the airport and if tested positive, the passenger loses his chance to travel.
Reference ID
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